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Personal risk management and threat control to (key) individuals

Threat Assessment

With personal risk assessment and the special Threat Assessment tool, we can identify the realistic level of threats to key personnel. The Threat Assessment tool also works excellently in assessing the credibility of targeted threats and the level of threat posed by them. The report produced by our experts from the risk and threat assessment and vulnerability analysis also includes recommendations for actions to reduce risks and vulnerabilities, as well as for calculating the threat level.


The Personal Safety Plan always includes a summary of the required security arrangements, as well as practical operational models for preventing and responding to threat situations, as part of the organization’s self-preparedness. If necessary, our experts will familiarize you with the content and operating models of your plan. Self-preparedness is often a sufficient and cost-effective risk management method for securing critical human resources.

Personal Close Protection

Personal close protection refers to all measures that safeguard the integrity, privacy, freedom of movement and peace of mind of the person protected. Personal close protection is always carried out in accordance with a security plan based on a threat assessment, with a discreet and low profile. Carefully designed and professionally implemented personal close protection is an investment that improves the productivity of key personnel.

Co-operation between authorities

We work in close co-operation with the authorities and are able to initiate preventive and acute measures as early as possible. Our experts will, if necessary, make an inquiry into suspicions, prepare materials for the initiation of a pre-trial investigation, and act as expert witnesses in the investigation and juridical process.

Security Advisor

Our personal safety experts and advisors assist your organization in developing or updating your personal security strategy, in implementing it, and in evaluating its overall effectiveness. The Security Advisor service allows you to maintain a continuous snapshot and quick response to changing situations. A typical example is a situation where self-preparedness is no longer sufficient due to the increased threat level and the actual personal protection measures have to be activated.

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Protection from Criminal and Illegal Activities

Crime prevention

Our crime prevention services include crime situation mapping, vulnerability analysis, and a crime prevention plan creation. The crime prevention plan assesses the likelihood of criminal risks and the magnitude and extent of the economic and productive damage resulting from the risk realization. Naturally, the plan includes models for crime prevention and best practices to prepare the organization for self-reliance. Our service also covers the detection and investigation of crimes that have already occurred through means of private investigation. The investigation will define the nature of the crime, the circumstances, the parties involved and the benefit gained through the crime and the damage caused for the possible legal process.

Surveillance and Countersurveillance

Surveillance refers to a continuous or repeated, legitimate monitoring of specific target individuals. Legal, contracted and professional surveillance may be necessary to determine the reliability of the target person or to detect abuse and criminal activity.

The detection of illegal surveillance and countersurveillance activities are used to protect critical human resources, important assets, or information from crimes and illegal activity.

Private investigation

Our private investigation services are often used in criminal and litigation cases, which by their nature require special professional skills, tact and confidentiality. Typically, cases are about discovering or investigating a crime or misconduct against company or its policies. Private investigation can also be used for various background and reliability reports.

Physical Information Security & HUMINT

HUMINT (Human Intelligence)

Human Intelligence refers to the legal gathering of information by interviewing individuals. The purpose of Human Intelligence is to provide intelligence used for risk management and improvement or development of corporate security; partly also by means of the covert operations. Our HUMINT experts analyze and classify the data and compile it as a report for the client. Our HUMINT services are almost always part of larger entities such as intrusion / penetration testing.

Ask more about our crime prevention & detection services, our expert will answer within 24 hours of your contact. We treat all contacts confidentially.

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Securing Critical Human Resources Abroad

Country Risk Surveys

Our Travel Security services include country-specific risk mapping and threat assessment, based on which our experts prepare a narrow, basic or extensive Travel Security Plan, as well as train and familiarize your personnel with safe operating models and procedures in threat and crisis situations.

Advance Operations

In some projects it may be strategically beneficial to carry out intelligence and preparatory activities in the target country by our specially trained Advance Team to create a precise and accurate picture of the situation. Advance Team experts will, if necessary, identify and map local security services, help assessing, tendering and procuring them, and participate in the necessary cooperation with local authorities.

The Monitoring Service

Our Monitoring Center is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The experts in the Center follow intelligence from different sources, maintain a situational picture, inform about possible deviations that affect security, and initiate pre-agreed actions in crisis and emergency situations.

Preparedness and evacuation arrangements

A contingency plan for crisis and emergency situations is an essential part of the Travel Security Plan. Possible evacuation arrangements and their practical implementations are also assessed in the contingency plan. Self-evacuation models can be included in personnel safety training and briefing. Crisis management is an important part of the security of international operations.

For more information about our travel safety services, our experts will respond within 24 hours of your contact. We treat all contacts confidentially.

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Risk management and trouble-free operation assurance for special events

Corporate Events

Our event security team implements a comprehensive turnkey approach to various corporate events; customer-focused, service-oriented and cost-effective. Our representative and service-minded event security staff handles the security, fluency and integrity of various corporate representations, promotional events, product launches among other events; tactfully and with style. Naturally, the security and rescue planning of the events and the co-operation with the authorities are carried out through us.

Meetings and conferences:

* Annual General meetings

* Conferences

* Exhibition events

* Political events

VIP and private events

VIP -level events such as private parties and celebrations require a stylish, representative and professional VIP -level security service. Our experienced VIP Security staff takes the responsibility for the overall security of your event.

Concerts and tours

With years of experience our professional security staff handles the safety & security of domestic and foreign artists and performers, and ensures the smooth running and operation of concerts and tours. The cost analysis prepared on the basis of risk mapping and the safety plan ensures that the event organizer will not get any unpleasant financial surprises.

For more information about our event safety services, our experts will respond within 24 hours of your contact. We treat all contacts confidentially.

In urgent situations, you will reach our experts by phone +358 (0)10 411 2801, 24 hours a day.


Training & Consulting

Consultancy and Training Services

Business and Community Safety & Security consulting

We consult and train companies and third sector communities in risk management, overall security, business continuity management, and damage prevention.
Consultations can be limited to individual, critical areas of corporate and community security, or extended to the entire organization's security strategy.

Educational services

Through our training services, the entire company or community safety & security culture is developed through various training, coaching and orientation programs or through continuous training partnerships.
The aim is to guide the company's or community's security activities through a mandatory safety culture from “necessary evil” or “mandatory cost” item to support an organization's operations, or even a productive part of overall security and risk management.